A Vietnamese company with 45 years of experience, Tuong An always acknowledges the strict requirements of Vietnamese culinary arts when it comes to great dishes.

For that reason, Tuong An constantly invests in its state-of-the-art refining production line and combines it with traditional know-how to provide its customers with excellent cooking oils to create excellent dishes

45 years of Tuong An Spreading The Food Happiness All Over Viet Nam
1977 - 1984
1985 - 1990
1991 - 2004
2004 - 2015

Assuming responsibilities and producing according to the annual quota

On November 20th,1977, the Ministry of Food issued Decision No. 3008/LTTP-TC to change the State-owned Vegetable Oil Enterprise Tuong An Company into a state-owned industrial enterprise under Southern Vegetable Oil Company. Annual production output, for that reason, had to adhere to the quota.

Obtaining the rights to take the initiative in its production and business, complete the construction of its factory, and invest to increase its production rate.

In July, 1984 the State abolished the subsidized economy, transferred the rights to take initiative in production and business activities for companies. Tuong An Oil Factory was a member of the Vietnam Union of Vegetable Oil Enterprises that had independent accounting and legal standing, therefore, was allowed to take initiative in its production and business activities.

In this period, Tuong An’s industrial goods and consumer goods were traditional products such as shortening, margarine, soap bars. This was the golden age of shortening, production was put into overdrive yet the output was not enough to supply instant noodle factories. Exported oil, mainly filtered coconut oil, took up a large portion (32%) of the total output. Attention was given to product quality and variety, as a result, Tuong An became popular and gained reputation on the market in this period.

Investing in the expansion of production, increasing the capacity of equipment, building a distribution network and preparing for integration

a) Orienting and developing core products:

At the beginning of the ‘90s, Vietnam implemented the open economy policy making goods diverse and easy to import and export. Some imported cooking oil products began to enter the Vietnamese market, local pressing factories were established in small and medium scale. Cooking oils entered a period of fiercer competition in the market economy.

At the beginning of the ‘90s, Vietnam implemented the open economy policy making goods diverse and easy to import and export. Some imported cooking oil products began to enter the Vietnamese market, local pressing factories were established in small and medium scale. Cooking oils entered a period of fiercer competition in the market economy.

b) Investing in developments:

In the regional and international economic integration, Tuong An constantly renewed its equipment as well as production technology, established a closed production line from extracting unrefined oil all the way to packaging.

Tuong An’s upgrading and expanding projects that aimed to innovate technology, improve production capacity and scale, diversify products, improve quality, and lower costs to serve domestic consumption and meet export demands:

- In 1994, Tuong An invested in a Japanese PET bottle blowing machine; the machine proved to be effective. Tuong An was one of the first companies that owned PET bottle blowing machines. In addition, consumers highly approved PET bottles; this contributed to the growth of bottle oil production.

- In 1997, Tuong An installed a German automatic oil bottle-filling line with the capacity of 5000 one-liter bottles per hour; this was the first automatic bottle-filling line in Vietnam. It helped Tuong An reduce production costs and increase productivity to meet the rapidly increasing demands of the market.

- In 1998, Tuong An added 5700m2 to its factory which expanded the total area up to 22000m2. A 1000 KVA transformer station was built and 4300m3 storage tanks were installed.

- In 2000, the company installed a European automatic oil-refining line with the capacity of 150 tons per day. which increased Tuong An’s total capacity to 240 tons per day.

- In 2002, Production was at full capacity, Tuong An acquired Nghe An Vegetable Oil that had the daily capacity of 30 tons and turned it into a factory of the company. The factory’s capacity was then upgraded to 60 tons per day. At present, the factory is known as Vinh Oil Factory.

- In 2004, the company began constructing Phu My Oil Factory with the production capacity of 600 tons per day in Phu My I Industrial Area, Ba Ria - Vung Tau. This investment cost over 330 billions Vietnamese Dong.

The period of transition and integration

October 1st, 2004 was a milestone for Tuong An as the company changed its organization model from a state-owned enterprise to a joint stock company. The operation scale was increased, Tuong An constantly introduced innovations and expanded its operation to meet the growing demands. These innovations include rearranging the organization structure, employing for underperformed and vacancy positions; upgrading and expanding the distribution network, training profession sales team, and implementing a new computer software that provides an internal network to provide up-to-the-minute data for management and give direction to production and business, ensuring financial integrity, reducing risks and especially creating resources to participate in the listing of the stock market at the beginning of 2007

In 2005, Tuong An installed two more European technology automatic oil-filling lines. As a result, the total bottle-filling capacity was increased to 22.500 liters per hour, which is 4.5 times higher than those at the previous period.

In addition, the construction of Phu My Oil Plant in Phu My I Industrial Zone, Ba Ria - Vung Tau was accelerated to meet the schedule at the end of 2006. This is a great step for Tuong An in the process of integrating in the local and international economy

Tuong An merged with Kido
Tuong An is proud to introduce “Tuong An Premium" - the premium line of cooking oils with the image of the Gold Elephant inheriting the values of the Red Elephant that stands for our renowned product line. The new image will carry on the mission of providing innovative and specialized nutritious products made using 7-STEP REFINING TECHNOLOGY FROM EUROPE - the most modern refining technology in Vietnam.
In 2020, Tuong An introduced Tuong An’s CookingOil Nutri Plus- the Vitamin Extra vegetable oil supplemented with Vitamin A 10,000 IU to boost the immune system as well as Vitamin D and Vitamin E to strengthen health. The product was part of Tuong An’s dedication in the campaign of supporting Vietnam’s fight against Covid-19. In the same year , Tuong An made another breakthrough by introducing the brand new Tuong An Marvela cooking oil - Natural Nutrients. With stylish packaging design that is on-trend with the green lifestyle, the product aims to attract young and modern customers who are pursuing a healthy and safe green lifestyle.
In 2021, Tuong An introduced the new premium Rice Bran Oil that consists of 5 essential nutrients: Gamma Oryzanol, Phytosterol, and Omega 3, 6, 9 which are good for your heart and physique.
Tuong An marked the 45-year milestone on its journey of spreading happiness
Tầm nhìn & sứ mệnh
We strive to become the most loved Vietnamese brand when it comes to tasty dishes that help nurture happiness and strengthen family bonds in Vietnamese households.
Tuong An commits to bringing the highest quality products to create excellent and healthy dishes for the community and all Vietnamese households with passion, understanding, and responsibility toward people and society.
Modern production technology
The oil refining technology at Tuong An combines chemical and physical refining methods, processed within modern and automatic production lines from world-renowned brands such as WURTER & SANGER (the U.S.), THYSSENKRUPP (Germany), and DESMET (Belgium).
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