The Elephant Image
A cheerful, agile elephant flinging its trunk that symbolizes prosperity, stability, vigor, and the desire for success'
The Color Red
Symbolizes enthusiasm, youthfulness, eagerness, confidence, and the desire for victory.
The Color Gold
Besides its symbolic meaning of luxury and majesty, gold is also the signature color of our pure cooking oil.
In its long journey of 45 years, Tuong An has marked numerous growth milestones. Founded in 1977 with 02 big factories located in Ba Ria - Vung Tau (Phu My Oil Factory) and Nghe An (Vinh Oil Factory), Tuong An has built a brand that stands the test of time in Vietnam...

In 2016, our revenue reached VND 3.978 billion and profit after taxes reached VND 67 billion. The company occupied the domestic market with outstanding distribution power: about 20% of cooking oil market share and dominated all 3 distribution channels: wholesaler, retailer (over 150,000 retailers), and direct-to-consumer sales (over 250 stores). Our products can also be found in about 1,500 big and small supermarkets, and about 150,000 retailers all across the country.

So far, Tuong An’s products have been exported to numerous countries and regions, many of which set a very high bar in product quality such as the Middle East, Europe and some Southeast Asian countries.
We know good food, we make great oils
We understand the know-how to cook delicious and nutritious dishes. We are wholeheartedly dedicated to creating pure cooking oils that compliment the taste of your dishes.

There is a brand that has been accompanying Vietnamese housewives in preparing delicious meals for family bonding moments that contributes to a healthier, happier Vietnam. Over the last 40 years, Tuong An has walked with Vietnamese people to satisfy their needs and fulfill their delicious family meals.

The perfect marriage between our state-of-the-art technology and our dedicated staff are the keys to Tuong An’s undisruptive innovation in making first-class products. Offering product varieties, ceaselessly improving product quality while maintaining affordable prices time after time, Tuong An has won the heart of Vietnamese consumers.

Tuong An Cooking Oil
Tuong An CookingOil elevated the meals of Viet families to a new height; it has been one of Tuong An’s core products from 1991 until now
Soybean Cooking Oil
In 1992, Tuong An introduced the first pure soybean oil in Vietnam with high content of nutrients
Vio Cooking Oil
In 2003, more micronutrients were included in our cooking oils; these include our ViO products that contain DHA and are rich in natural Vitamin A & Vitamin E, and our Season cooking oil that contains Vitamin A and Vitamin D which are good for your bones, suitable for the elderly.
The great numbers
Lan tỏa hạnh phúc Việt
Sản phẩm
Đối tác
Người tiêu dùng
Điểm bán trên toàn quốc
2.5 tỷ
Bữa ăn hạnh phúc
Tuong An’s Commitment
There is a backstory, a belief, a desire, a great purpose towards people and society behind every brand. Tuong An commits to bringing the highest quality products to create EXCELLENT & HEALTHY dishes for the community and all Vietnamese households with passion, understanding, and responsibility toward people and society. In the future, Tuong An, with its new products, will carry on its mission - to bring happiness to all Vietnamese families.